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Title: Rolling 33 Classic Emulation System
Post by: dgame on March 04, 2010, 03:42:50 pm
It all started here: (
. . . Almost two years later . . .

The Smash TV has been given a stay of execution.
I had all of the parts and tools since then but just couldnt bring myself to MAME it.

Since I have all the parts for a MAME project I decided to go with a presentation monitor and make a rolling PC based classic emulation system.

The Screen:

I have a giant Mitsubishi Megaview 33 (XC-3315C) presentation monitor on the way:

Monitor specs: (

I already have an ArcadeVGA card and a RGBHV BNC cable.

The Cart:

Converted this service cart into an AV cart by turning over the top tray to make it a shelf:
( (

Then added these 8 casters (2 swivel with dual action brakes & 2 fixed)
( (

( (

I had to drill new holes to mount the larger casters to the base.
The cart ended up being 36 tall and the big wheels make for a smooth ride.
This cart and the wheels are rated tho handle 450 pounds of weight.

This was my inspiration:
( (

The Controls:

For the arcade games Im going to build some kind of arcade control panel or maybe some standalone hotrod/slick stick type things.
I have four ball top U360s and many Happ concave buttons with GGG Micro-leaf switches. I also still have my U360-in-a-box controller.

For the consoles I have:
A pair of USB Saturn pads
Four USB N64 pad adapters and currently only one real N64 pad
At least four Gravis Xterminator USB Pads as this is the greatest PC gamepad ever made.

The Computer:

The PC is my current Dual Core XP system that already runs all the things I want to do and already has the ArcadeVGA card.

The Discussion:

I went with the cart idea because the monitor is so heavy.  It will probably spend most of the time in a room away from my arcade cabinets. Ill be able to easy roll it out when wanted.

I probably should also get a pair of authentic SNES pads and USB adapters to play the NES and SNES games with.
The Tomee USB SNES pad seems to get good reviews so I may go that route.

Im waiting for the monitor to arrive. The cart and PC are ready. The console controls are ready.
I have at least the U360-in-a-box for arcade games until I make something more.

What do you all think about this setup?

Any ideas for the type of arcade controls I should build?

Any opinions on the Megaview 33 (XC-3315C) monitor?

Title: Re: Rolling 33 Classic Emulation System
Post by: ohioratrodder on January 30, 2013, 01:57:54 pm
Did you ever finish this?
Title: Re: Rolling 33 Classic Emulation System
Post by: dgame on January 30, 2013, 02:15:37 pm
I finished it but moved into an apartment so I don't have room for it.

I ended up giving the PC to my brother. The sweet 33" monitor is still at his house on the modified (big wheels) cart.

I still have the controllers and use them for console emulation with my 19" Sony PVM monitor.

If I move into a bigger place I will probably bring it with me. That big screen is awesome.