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Title: Megatouch Reinstallation
Post by: carfnann on February 14, 2021, 11:50:11 am
Hi There,

I'm trying to help a friend who get a Megatouch with a fried HD.
I wanted to reinstall the whole system, and based on the security key SA3056-08 I have assumed it is a Ruby version.
So I have downloaded the Ruby ISO on a website.

I've burn the ISO, and place a new HD and CD rom into the cabinet.
The installation starts but then block with the following message :
"Not Enough Memory Detected!
Required : 64 Megabytes
Detected : 29 Megabytes"

I'm quite confused...
Is Ruby required 64Mb? then why it was ok before with this security key?
Is there 2 version of Ruby? one with 32Mb and one with 64Mb?

What should I do :
* identify an other ISO to be installed?
* Buy extra RAM? SD-RAM PC100 if I'm not wrong...

Thanks for your help
Title: Re: Megatouch Reinstallation
Post by: Spank on February 15, 2021, 11:59:29 am
You can pick up a 128meg of pc100 or pc133 cheap enough.
Someone must of swapped the drive and key from another game.