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Title: MaLa Help and other cool stuff Links
Post by: loadman on June 10, 2008, 12:40:43 am
Try searching the posts in this forum then if that proves fruitless then:


Try the MaLa Wiki pages first: (


How to set up MaLa and MAME (it's easy!) (

MaLa Set-up: "How to" guide (install and configure emulators, plus Visual Pinball) (

Alternate Mala Editor: (

GameLists: Multiple emuls in same list work-around solution (

Layouts: some links (

GameLists: Multiple Versions of MAME (

Generating MaLa gamelists for non-MAME emulators 'RomDir2XML' (

Please feel free to contribute to the wiki using your BYOAC forum username and login.

The German MaLa forum (but no problem using English there): (

There is still some help material on the website that is worth checking out too. This help will eventually all be moved to the Wiki. (