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Started by Zebidee - Last post by bobbyb13

Good to see you have it working!

While sorting the PC you could always...

Pull the CP, remove your controls and put the thing in the oven on low for a while!
Or on the dash of the car with the windows shut on a sunny day?

A little tropical sun goes a long way in hardening paint.

Started by javeryh - Last post by negative1

After several weeks, hundreds of restarts, and several hours, finally got Ms Pac Man Turbo Record - 999,990 - stopped before a million. Settings - Turbo, 5 men, NO KILLSCREEN - Namco patched fixed it. (usually around level 144).


3   Project Announcements / Re: Ms. Pacman Scratch Buildon Today at 03:42:32 am

Started by Greenman - Last post by bobbyb13

It is remarkable how many iterations of these cabinets were produced.
I think the waters get even muddier as you skip around the planet to other factories (even for ostensibly the "same" cabinet.)

I should go take a few pics of the monitor assembly out of the cabinet so you can see the rest of the 'big picture' as origjnally built.

A quick glance at that and I bet you can come up with a great plan with what you can find in your neighborhood!

Started by argonlefou - Last post by argonlefou

In letsgo jungle outputs, gun recoil or ctm recoil are activated in demo when a gun is fired and the room reacts the same as in demo. Is there a way to stop it in demo mode or a patch?
fixed in today's update

DemulShooter v10.7.9
- Updated missing outputs for Demul games (lupinsho, ninjaslt, manicpcn, pokasuka)
- Corrected "Haunted Museum" (TTX) and "Fright Fear Land" (Global VR) custom Damaged outputs (no more triggering during stage rumble events)
- Corrected "Let's Go Jungle" (Lindbergh) custom outputs (no more active during Attract Mode)

Started by bumble - Last post by Zebidee

Galaga has 288 vertical lines. If you only have 240 lines, some lines will have to get squished.

You'll have this problem for most vertical games.

Running in horz mode with 288 vertical lines will have the wrong vertical freq (closer to 50hz) for Galaga, but GM can compensate for that.

Otherwise, you would need to run vertical games in an interlaced mode to get enough lines.

Does this help?

Started by samco - Last post by fgh

Hey guys,

Finally got myself some Samco boards for some light gun action..

Samco: Absolutely awesome work! This is so convenient with the PCB all laid out! I've uploaded the 4IR_beta sketch, and it tracks well. (GCon2, 32u4).
Also, I saw your cool mini cabinet with that sweet recalbox setup. Any chance you will ever share it (without roms)? Is it a pi3 or 4?

Anyway - I'm loving it so far. Will make a dedicated cabinet similar to my main cab (link), but with just one monitor.
Thanks a lot for making this! :)

Prow: That looks like some nice updates! I just had a go with your sketch as well. My setup works well so far on Samco's 4IR_beta on a guncon2 with a 32u4 5V.
With your sketch, however, I have trouble calibrating. Both X and Y seems to be offset by more than half my 27" screen, and when calibrating, the A and B buttons do not seem to have any effect. (This part also works well with Samco's sketch.)
Also tried the relevant dpad buttons to move the X/Y centering (pushed momentarily and held them down lots of times), but nothing happened. (all buttons work in notepad).
In other words - As soon as I start calibrating by pressing the trigger while aiming at the center cursor, the cursor jumps quite far upwards for the vertical alignment, and I cannot get it to center or track any closer. And a similar jump to the left edge when starting horizontal calibration.
So I get smooth tracking from both sensor bars it seems, but offset by a huuge margin. (30-40cm horizontal and 15-20cm vertical)
Any ideas?

(I don't know how to set compiler options, but as far as I could see from the docs, I could leave all at default for 32u4 and guncon2.)


Started by bumble - Last post by bumble

I am running GoovyMame0244 with CRT Emudriver on a 25 inch K7000. My machine is in a horizontal position, so when running vertical games I ran into a problem where the game was going off screen, both top and bottom. Searching for answers I stumbled upon this post:

A suggestion Calamity made was to create a custom veritcal.ini file with the following line:

Code: [Select]
crt_range0  15625-16200, 49.50-65.00, 2.000, 4.700, 8.000, 0.064, 0.192, 1.024, 0, 0, 192, 240, 448, 480
This does work, however it seems to be producing a side effect where the very top of the screen has a horizontal glitch, on all vertical games. An example picture is attached of Galaga. It happens on all vertical games I tested. This does not happen if I remove vertical.ini and resize the screen to see the top.

In the code line above, if I change "240" back to "288" and resize my screen to be able to see the top, the glitch is not present. It seems specifically related to the reduction of the vertical lines, though I am not sure.

Attached is a log file of the game running with the glitch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

8   Project Announcements / Re: 4 Player Pedestal Buildon Yesterday at 10:55:53 pm

Started by Shookie - Last post by Greenman

I like the artwork.  Keep building it the way you and your family want it.   :applaud:

9   Project Announcements / Re: 4 Player Pedestal Buildon Yesterday at 10:45:59 pm

Started by Shookie - Last post by vertexguy

Looking good Shookie!   Don't worry about the art opinions.  As long as you like it, all is well.  More important then that, I hope the panel plays well for you!  Curious what you all think after some intense games of marble madness.

10   Project Announcements / Re: Ms. Pacman Scratch Buildon Yesterday at 10:14:33 pm

Started by Greenman - Last post by Greenman

Awesome.  Thank you!!

As there are so few parts available in Australia for this build, I am going to have to manufacture a lot of items. 

Could someone/anyone please provide the dimensions of the cabaret metal control panel and perspex marquee?  Please? 

Also the plans above are inaccurate.  The full sized side profiles are fine, but the ply cuts for everything else are for the pacman cabaret, not the ms. pacman cabaret, I believe.  I had to remove @1/2" off the depth of the bottom plate, top was slightly too long also and the width of all panels was out by 1 1/2 inches (35mm). 
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