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Started by eds1275 - Last post by Vocalitus

I like Twin Kingdom Valley for the Electon.

That should be remade as a modern RPG.

2   Main Forum / Re: Fast Encoder (2021)on Today at 05:52:33 am

Started by D_Harris - Last post by Vocalitus

Been using ipac's since 2005 (I think) There is no comparison, to me they are the best. Those $12 amazon encoders, are junk. When you see them, run fast and far in the other direction.

Sorry but they work as fast as any keyboard.  I like the $10 Dragon rise encoders.

Started by BadMouth - Last post by PL1

Looks good.   ;D

The only downside is that it is a "non-clicky" optical rotary stick (like the Loop-24 or Happ optical rotary) instead of the more commonly used 12-position "clicky" mechanical rotary stick. (like the LS-30 or Happ mechanical rotary)

AFAIK there were only four games that used optical rotary sticks.
    Caliber .50
    Touchdown Fever
    Touchdown Fever II

The good news is that if you want the mechanical version, it should be easy to remix your mod for a 12-position rotary switch instead of the spinner.   ;)


Started by Boomslang - Last post by jayc001

No never got Grid working over LAN. Recently set up Model3 emulator over LAN which is nice and also Daytona ++ but really would like to get a couple more working, GRID and Ford racing were the two I spent ages on but just don't link.

It's been so long i'm going to ask, possibly for the second or third time... You did go in and change the paths at the bottom of sega\grid\debug\config.xml? Below is the default, but you need to change them to where your game is. That was my mistake. And obviously you need edit the shelldata.ini file mentioned below to enable network and give each cab a unique ID.


Pretty sure I did but I'll revisit this at the weekend. Summer is coming to an end and it's time to start fiddling with my arcade cabinets. Thanks!

So it seems my network issues with SRG, Ford Racing and Grid were down to the switch I was using. I read the manual for SRG and noticed it used multicast for network comms. I had been using an old Tenda router loaded with TomatoWRT as a switch for these cabs and I was aware this didn't pass multicast packets so swapped it out. Instantly SRG worked multiplayer so I tried the others and bingo all good on them too.

Started by BadMouth - Last post by etb

Thanks for the uploads. I wanted to share my progress.

movement video clip

modified 3d model

WIP seimitsu ls-32 joystick + GRS USB Button Hole Spinner mod.
Misc parts:
  shaft extension
  octagonal gate
  8mm to 10mm coupler
  3d printed part.
  long m5 screw
So far the concept seems solid.

6   Main Forum / Re: Fast Encoder (2021)on Today at 12:57:32 am

Started by D_Harris - Last post by 601 Arcades

Been using ipac's since 2005 (I think) There is no comparison, to me they are the best. Those $12 amazon encoders, are junk. When you see them, run fast and far in the other direction.

7   Main Forum / Re: 3d Printing buttons?on Today at 12:54:40 am

Started by Beretta - Last post by 601 Arcades

He definitely can't say he didn't know what to expect at least.  :laugh:

Well, that's really the crux.  One could make a panel by hand using a chisel, hammer and a couple dozen cases of sandpaper, but should you? There is a lot of false economy in the DIY world.  Sometimes, there are reasons to do something yourself.  And sometimes, it can even save you some money, but that's usually at the cost of your time and aggravation.  DIY projects of any appreciable size start out as fun, but can quickly start to feel like one has taken on a second (or third or fourth) job.  Yes, I realize that this is what we do here, but if one had to make every single component in their cabinet, this place would be far more quiet than it has been over the years and few would have realized their dream.     

3D printing is just silly for a mundane object like an arcade pushbutton.  To make them strong enough, and attractive, the time it would take would be ridiculous, and the result would still be inferior to a relatively inexpensive injection molded button made with proper materials.  One could order buttons, they would arrive on the doorstep and the 3D printer would still be whirring away behind them as they opened the door to retrieve the box.

The same can be said for CNC machine kits.  However, as an owner of a several times upgraded 20 year old ShopBot PRT96, there is a huge benefit to building one of these yourself.  If careful attention is paid during construction, the weak points in the machine will be obvious, and when something goes wrong or the machine isn't performing as one would like, it's not too difficult to isolate the problem and remedy it.     

Understanding the goal of a project and making sane decisions along the way is everything when it comes to making a project enjoyable and the outcome something one can be proud of.  :cheers:

Well said!

8   Main Forum / Re: 3d Printing buttons?on Today at 12:50:31 am

Started by Beretta - Last post by 601 Arcades

Print out whatever is not the problem.

Getting the print to stick to the heated bed without it going all wonky after 10 minutes is.

If it was all so simple as you guys like to say, then why are we still buying button kits off Amazon or China?

Elmer's purple glue sticks as the bed heats up. I have anycubic printers, so it comes with the ultrabase, which I don't have to do anything at all to. PEI sheets will also make your print stick like mad. Just scruff it up with some 320 grit, clean with alcohol and never have another lift again.

9   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: fooling with m2emu networkon Yesterday at 11:53:26 pm

Started by SailorSat - Last post by Nuexzz

would be great to try with 2 players  ;D

10   Main Forum / Re: So this is what happens when...on Yesterday at 11:25:56 pm

Started by LTC - Last post by vertexguy

Those look right at home.   :cheers:  Seeing those Nintendo cab buttons reminded me just how tall they were.  Those might be the tallest buttons I've seen.  Can you still get replacements needed?
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