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Title: Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders (standard) Restoration
Post by: rfancella on January 15, 2021, 12:29:35 pm
Hello all!!
I have a few questions that I hope someone here can help me out with.  But first the story and the reason.
I am a member of a local American Legion Riders group that is also very much into arcade machines and consoles.  I recently got this cab donated to our group from an arcade guy in Topeka Kansas.  Shameless plug here: Capital City Music And Games!  He also holds a monthly in person and online Auction.  Check it out!
Anyway, the cab plays blind without a monitor, but there are a few issues with it.  I would really like to get it as near perfect as I can as we are going to raffle it off at our next 9/11 Memorial Ride (2021).  I have the operator manual for it, but not much else.

Some of the simple issues have already been resolved, so here are the current issues:
1). Sound from one speaker.  The other is blow.  I tested by swapping the speaker wires and the sound does not play when I do.  I am looking for a source for a replacement.
2). The top "race leader" headlights do not light up.  I enabled the output in the service menu and there is no voltage on the line.  Is the relay module what controls this? A small circuit board mounted in the bottom of the cab.
3). Tank lights and buttons: Most of them work with some issues.  The "change music" button works and lights great.  The "change view" button is very sticky and no light.  I really don't want to break it as the cost to replace is very high!  Does any one know how it comes apart?  I believe the top red portion should squeeze in at the sides and come off so I can get to the bulb and clean the switch?
4). Tank lights and buttons: The "start" button works great (after some cleaning) but does not light.  I got the top off it to get to the bulb.  I really need to find a source for a new bulb.  Any suggestions?
5). Seat vibrator.  There is no option in the service menu to enable it and not sure how to test it either.  Is it AC voltage?
6). Video output.  Yea, you all knew this was coming!  LOL.  Before we put it on the trailer we hooked up a monitor out of a Star Wars Trilogy cab and the video was spot on!  When we got it back to the garage to start working on it, I hooked up a GBS8200 with the GBSControl and clock generator mod installed.  This perfectly on my low res arcade boards and old PC's.  When connected to the VGA port on the front of the Model 3 Step 2.0 board no amount of adjusting helped make the picture look less washed out.  It also seemed to loose sync or something as the screen keeps flashing black every half min or so.  Side note: I am currently recapping and restoring three WG monitors that are not mine.  I hope to get them working and use one to test the video output again.  Unfortunately, I don't think we, as a non-profit service organization, can afford to put an arcade monitor in it.  Besides, all the profits from this raffle are going to a veteran assistance project so the less this restoration costs us, the more we can send.

What has been done so far:
Replaced both cab fans.
Fixed both "shift" buttons on the handlebars and re-wired them (working great now).
Re-winded the metal tubes going from the handlebar controls to the cab.  Put a new condenser in the marquee light.
Cleaned and re-lubed the handlebar gears, foot brake and throttle controls.
Replace the test and service buttons.
Replaced and cleaned both coin mechs.
Cleaned both the volume and seat vibration pots.
Deep clean both inside and out.  I would say about 75% of the surfaces.

I am going over to work more on it this weekend.  I hope to have pictures of the things I need advice on and the current progress to post.

So, any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated in this project!

Thank you,

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Title: Re: Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders (standard) Restoration
Post by: rfancella on January 20, 2021, 03:05:33 pm
Hello All!
I got some pictures of some of the items I need advice on.  I hope someone can help!  :D

Can anyone tell me how to take the red lens off the switch?
Can anyone identify the bulb and where I can get another?
Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for the speakers?

Any help at all would be great!

Thank you,

EDIT: Speakers have been found!!!