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1   Project Announcements / Re: The Grid....on Today at 12:51:12 pm

Started by Arroyo - Last post by javeryh

yeah that shop (OK... garage) looks awesome.  I have an unlit detached 1 car garage with a crumbling asphalt floor.  Oh yeah - no electricity either so I'm running an extension cord from the house to plug in 1 tool at a time.  It's pathetic. 

Arroyo - slap that side art on and pound in the t-molding!  It's barely 2 hours of work!   :cheers:

2   Everything Else / Re: 8 bit Christmas.on Today at 10:55:21 am

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by nitrogen_widget

It was good. Definitely resonated with me as someone who was around the same age as the kids in the movie in the 80s.

I was roughly the same age so i could relate also.
especially being 10ish and being friends with a jerk just because his parents could afford the cool toys. lol.

But, other than atari 2600 i was full on team home computer back then.
ti99 then c64, then amiga.

i knew NES existed but i'm ashamed to say i've never played a real one.
Or a SNES.
just sega consoles now that i think about it.

3   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Sega cushion clipson Today at 10:42:28 am

Started by fablog - Last post by fablog

Hi guys,

Do you know where I could buy Sega cushion clips for a sega daytona/nascar/etc... for cheap in Canada? The reference number is 280-K02529-WX.
I'm wondering if an alternative exists!?


4   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: JVL iTouch 6 issueon Today at 09:21:22 am

Started by leafundersocre - Last post by Megatouchmike

Does this machine boot from CD or CF card? Can you make an ISO of the CD and image of the CF card and send me a copy? I will try to replicate on my machine

Started by bperkins01 - Last post by bperkins01

Hi - and thanks :)

I used MDF for the bezel because it was 1/2" - and it is perfectly smooth.  I painted it black..  If I used plywood - the wood grain would show at the bevel where it touches the monitor.  There would be a lot of work to make plywood smooth.. I normally do not use MDF - but this is a good place for it.

6   Project Announcements / Re: DIY Skeeballon Today at 07:30:57 am

Started by retrogamedude - Last post by retrogamedude

Amazing work.   :applaud:

How are you planning to decorate the sides?  Any artwork in mind or maybe some woodgrain vinyl?
Probably just going to paint it the same color as the original model S, which was red.  Might try a skeeball logo or something on the side though to make it look a little less plain.

7   Project Announcements / Re: The Grid....on Today at 07:21:38 am

Started by Arroyo - Last post by bperkins01

Nice work organizing THE SHOP 

Garages are where cars go.  Good thing you have a big driveway.  :)

Put some side art and T-Molding on and call it done


8   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: FFB Arcade Pluginon Today at 07:18:03 am

Started by Boomslang - Last post by thefox

I would like to know what the difference is between OR2SPSDX Real and Custom is. I thought i remembered you posting about it in here, but i can't find the info again.

I just spotted an answer to this on a different site. From what i can work out, the 'custom' is just user defined settings, and the 'Real' is setup as an approximation of the more authentic FFB.

If it helps, I have been playing around with both, and I find the "Real" better - the collisons are bit harsher, and the alignment/rumble on the grass and sand is much better. Onky small gripe on 'Real' at the mo is I find the rumble effect lasts just a fraction longer after the car has left the surface that triggers it.

My settings that seem to well work so far on 'real' with my Logitach G920 are:

Feedback length 486
Enable Rumble and damper
Damper strength 50 (Im not certain about this yet)
Spring Strength 20

Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by SpaceHedgehog

Well I managed to drop / scratch the marquee acrylic (on both sides)  :banghead: I did mistakenly order 3 pieces so all good.

I've been itching to see what this looks like so balanced the marquee on top of the mid section - it has some pads placed temporarily underneath the unpainted piece so it's higher than it should be. Pleased with how this is turning out ....

I want to get the filling and painting on the spacer started today - weather permitting ...

Edit: ... errrr ... nope


10   Project Announcements / Re: The Grid....on Today at 02:50:23 am

Started by Arroyo - Last post by Zebidee

 I spotted a CRT TV in that shed!

Noice art, very appropriate :D
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