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Title: hitotext.bat
Post by: mjthompson on January 04, 2020, 04:48:14 pm
I haven't messed around with my cabinet in a lonngggg time.  I was thinking about switching to retropie but decided I like what I have and that I should fix 'er up a bit. 

One problem I've always had was missing high scores for nvram reported high scores for games like Track and Field and Zookeeper.  I'm not sure how people do this....

In my MAME directory I have hi and nvram subdirectories. hi has HiToText.exe  and HiToText.xml in it.   In my MaLa directory I have a hi directory with the hi.bat file that has been documented early in this sub-board. However,  I wasn't ever able to see high scores from nvram files.

I changed my hi.bat file as follows and everything seems to be reporting now but I was wondering whether/how others dealt with this.

     echo on
     cd M:\Arcade\Cabinet.4\Emulators\Mame\hi
     if exist ..\nvram\%1.nv (
         echo using ..\nvram\%1.nvram
         hitotext -ra ..\nvram\%1.nv >  M:\Arcade\Cabinet.4\FrontEnds\MaLa\hi\%1.txt
     ) else (
         echo using %1.hi
         hitotext -ra %1 >  M:\Arcade\Cabinet.4\FrontEnds\MaLa\hi\%1.txt
     cd M:\Arcade\Cabinet.4\FrontEnds\MaLa