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Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by Megatouchmike

well "works"...

works about as good as buying a burned CD containing "microsoftoffice2021profullversion+keygen+crack.rar"


Yep another satisfied customer!!  Just saw one of these drives in my shop a couple weeks ago  :angry:

Started by negative1 - Last post by leapinlew

I think maybe it's time they just offer up full sized cabinets.
I'm really starting to dislike the look of the cabs with the addon pedestal underneath.
it breaks up the flow of the cabinet.

the street fighter big blue is the tallest cabinet they have, and that has a riser also.

that is the only way they can package the item into a space that can fit in a flat pack
on retail shelves.

they have no intention of making standard full size cabinets. it's a licensing issue also.


You got to think outside the riser....

I've always agreed that the "boot" look isn't the best, so all my A1up's I've modified cleaned up those lines as much as possible. They can make it sleeker looking, like I did with the Tempest:

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by tlandrews

Thanks I checked and I am unfortunately out of the return window. It took me a while before I could get it installed

Well I guess for now I can enjoy the games that don't crash

4   Main Forum / Re: is glue necessaryon Yesterday at 06:19:17 pm

Started by AlienInferno - Last post by AlienInferno

I never glue my cabinets and I think many of them are just about bomb proof.   The method I've finally settled on is to put 2x2s in the corners of joints to use as a surface to screw into... works great.   Gluing does add a lot of strength, but it becomes a pain if you want to change something or repair a damaged area.

This is what I was planning on doing.  Technically it's how I built my first one except I glued and screwed the blocks in. 

Assuming your happy with your original OG Mame build (and don't plan on moving anytime soon) an alternative might be to widen the door entrance. My brother purchased a 80 inch monster TV set for movie night back in the day and widening the doorway was the answer. A bit of drywall, frame remove/replace was all it took. Of course, If your looking to update your cab that works too. Just another idea ;)

I removed the door and frame to fit a Area 51.  Now if I wanted to widen the door farther then that I would have to move wall studs and some of the kitchen cabinetry as my arcade room is technically a dining room off the kitchen. 

5   Main Forum / Re: Here are my projects to dateon Yesterday at 04:32:21 pm

Started by leapinlew - Last post by Santoro

Lew, you should update this thread.   I know you have done a bunch o-stuff since......

Started by kooky - Last post by USSCrazybat

I have hi-res PNGs of various stickers. I've reassembled them by hand so they're not absolutely 1:1, but hopefully these should do.

Started by XSFDriver - Last post by cangarujack

really nice works! i want build 2 of these! what size is the square tube? 15x15? 20x20? can you share biggest photos?
thanks :applaud:

Started by MTPPC - Last post by JIMYZ

MTPPC, Ordering the Nano today for my POLE POSITION with (bad PCB's} is there anything you would have done differently today? Have you added any other 360 driving games? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to try a few spinner games like ARKANOID, TEMPEST just for the fun of it, I think using a 360 steering wheel would be a blast. Thanks for posting

9   Everything Else / Re: RIP - The Dead Celebrity Threadon Yesterday at 02:02:31 pm

Started by Ginsu Victim - Last post by SlammedNiss

Ray Liotta, "Goodfellas" star and Emmy winner, 67.

Started by haynor666 - Last post by PL1

It would be really difficult to make a mechanical rotary mod for the U360.
- You can't hang the rotary switch under the shaft because of the magnet and sensor.
- There's very little room above the magnet for a hollow body rotary switch.

The optical mod makes more room between the sensor/magnet and the joystick body.
- Might be enough space for a hollow body rotary switch if somebody makes one that's thin enough and the inner diameter works with the joystick shaft.

If nothing else, maybe it would be possible to make a hybrid rotary U360 by adding mechanical detents to Ultimarc's optical mod.   :dunno

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