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Title: Arachnid 6300 6 plus 2. Throw/remove lamp socket
Post by: Shoestring on July 31, 2021, 12:34:08 pm
 Hi all
  Hope to find some information. 
  I just got a 6300 super 6 plus 2
   I drill out the locks to get into the guts of everything. 
Found the 12 volt wire off of the replacement power supply.
 Made the connection and itís working to some extent. 
Iím missing 2 of the lamp socketís for the remove and throw lights
( 2182-D Lamp ) I replaced the other lamp with the correct bulbs. 
But have not found a part number for the lamp holder. 
   Then thereís the monitor that is rolling- top to bottom-
I may have to have a local arcade guy check out the monitor as it will be quicker and Iíll ask lots of questions.
  I have not found a dip switch for vertical or horizontal stability
Only one for Focus. 
   Thank for any info.