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Title: Help! Time Crisis 2 Namco System 23
Post by: Dpogue on June 15, 2021, 09:33:32 am
Anyone here able to help me diagnose a Time Crisis 2 ? Mine is a single player with CRT monitor.
So let me say I have little to zero skills for arcade games. The game would try and boot up but would just continue to try and fully boot but never would. I learned that switching Dip #2 would allow it to bypass errors and it worked!
Someone has installed a non-recoil Happ .45 and I can get the white flash on the CRT monitor and sound when squeezing the trigger but I canít get it to hit anything. I tried a new optic board and lens but no luck there. I tried going in to calibrate and no luck there. Is there an issue that could be on the main PCB not allowing the gun to work properly?