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Title: Golden Tee Fore Video Card Works but still no Video
Post by: DCrosby on September 30, 2021, 12:42:07 am
I have a Golden Tee 2004 (Red Board) with Eagle U15 v2.04 some security chips with what looks like factory numbers. It has a 3DFX card and was sold as No Video, which is accurate. When I plug in the card into a PC, I get video through the card, and I get the version (It flashed by quickly so I didn't write it down, I presume 3DFX 2000 or similar green board). I'm wondering if the lights flash on the MB, but there is no sound from the speaker indicating diagnostic beeps, and such, how do I tackle this issue?
I'm getting a SD Card + adapter to see if I can get the HDD light to flash, but without video at this point my hopes are low that I'll see much once I get the HDD(SD Card).

Where do I start? I plugged an old monitor the same one where I got signal from the old pc direct into the monitor board, I tried to connect the jamma, but at this point of just looking for signs of life I'm not concerned with jamma.

I have a brand new EVGA 700 watt power supply with ATX connector so, should be plenty.

Any pointers on what to check where, with a logic probe or something, but from my perspective the 3DFX card isn't getting told to display anything, it's getting some power, as the heat sync gets warm. I'll try and get some pictures of the lights and maybe that will tell someone more of what may be wrong.

Readings on the card's check points were 5.03v, 5.03v and 12.36v