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Started by sgc1 - Last post by lilshawn

I think that's an old mars electronic coin acceptor faceplate before they became MEI. you likely won't find a good one... or at least one that take modern coins, as they where abandoned/discontinued long ago, and no new firmware updates where made for them for any of the metallurgical changes made to coins in the last 10 some odd years. you also need a special programmer to reprogram them.

your best bet, if you really want to have an electronic mech, is to look at the china ones like so: that can be programmed manually by simply hitting a button and inserting the coin/token/washer you would like to accept a half dozen or so times.

2   Main Forum / Re: 2 emulators at the same timeon Today at 10:16:18 am

Started by mimic - Last post by negative1

You can tell Mame to pipe output to different monitors.

So I'm sure you can run multiple instances, and make
sure there are no controller conflicts.


3   Main Forum / Re: options for 49 way joysticks?on Today at 10:03:18 am

Started by y2k600f4 - Last post by negative1

Arcade 1up just advertised NFL Blitz with 49 way joysticks.

Officially licensed by the NFL, WiFi Multiplayer, Light-Up Marquee, 1-4 Players Simultaneous, 49 way joystick, 3 in 1 games, Branded Riser, Headphone jack

They will be making their own brand, not sure until it comes out, how
they will do it.

Glenns retro will probably make their own version too, so maybe we
can use it with USB, MAME, sinistar, etc.


Started by negative1 - Last post by negative1

The maker is still taking requests. He's up to 14 units so far.

This might not be as accurate as the other person making them,
but slightly more affordable.


Started by mimic - Last post by negative1

Started by DaOld Man - Last post by Greenman

Alright! Another jukebox!!!   :applaud:

Started by Pstylz - Last post by Pstylz

17/08/2022 - UPDATE

Managed to put a bit of time into the design over the weekend.  :)
I found it quite challenging to get the shape I wanted on the side panels as its quite an odd shape but I think they've come up quite well.  I think the angles really give it more character rather than lots of square edges.   :D

8   Main Forum / Re: List of MAME bios/system fileson Yesterday at 11:08:05 pm

Started by damphon - Last post by MartyKong

Sorry damphon, I had to do some digging to remember how I converted files in a folder to text files :embarassed:  Basically just go to the folder in file explorer. Click File - Open Windows Powershell - Open Windows Powershell as Administrator. Since you're opening right from the folder, you just type "dir > dirlist.txt" and hit enter. Now go into your folder and along with your files you'll see a new file dirlist.txt. Open that up and there are all your files in text form. Apologize for the delay, hoping this helps you or the next guy!!!

9   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: Megatouch ion software on Yesterday at 09:14:17 pm

Started by Dpickl01 - Last post by Megatouchmike

I have a merit megatouch ion with Asus board, and 2013 software with a key, I seen somewhere that you no longer need the keys to run software but I can't seem to find a how to instruction. Can someone direct me to the info if it's available.  I would like to update to the 2014 software.

There are no reliable keyless hacks and there probably never will be. As mahkey said there are glitches, crashes, missing games, etc

I got a bunch of 2014 keys from an operator buy out. When I sell games, I've realized people don't really care about the version installed. So willing to work out a deal where you can trade your 2013 key up to a 2014 if you're interested

10   Main Forum / State of 4K monitors/TVs and Vector games?on Yesterday at 08:08:14 pm

Started by mimic - Last post by mimic

I'm thinking with 4K monitors/TVs would be so much better to emulate the glow of Vector ray and drop off of the glow. With such a small pixel could be even randomized so it wouldn't look the same every time.

My question is, is there any work in that direction? Anyone is trying to achieve something like that? Is 4K a solution to that issue?

The 32" 4K Monitors/TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Would love to finally have nice, crispy looking vector games.
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