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1   Main Forum / Re: Tail Gunner - no soundon Today at 05:30:55 pm

Started by spisi - Last post by spisi

Thanks Scott. Having trouble with this game saving high scores...

2   Main Forum / Re: replacing ghetto sound system?on Today at 05:21:30 pm

Started by slybunda - Last post by slybunda

Its so much better having front firing speakers than the ones on the back. Also having volume control is great too.
I think the amp in the sub i got is bust its stuck in standby mode all the time, its an old philips w00x sub. Gonna need a replacement, sub makes big difference in many games.

3   GroovyMAME / Re: I2c Ardiuno Bridge to Edit Vsizeon Today at 03:15:26 pm

Started by darknezz19 - Last post by Endprodukt

Very cool project. I was thinking about something like that for some time now. I'm my case it would be possible with a digital potentiometer. It would have to be set on a per game basis though.

Started by phasermaniac - Last post by phasermaniac

Hi! I have been trying to solve the offsceen reload problem, something like:
Code: [Select]
if port == 1
        local guncode_xaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_1_XAXIS")
local guncode_yaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_1_YAXIS")
if port == 2
        local guncode_xaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_2_XAXIS")
local guncode_yaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_2_YAXIS")
or better
Code: [Select]
local guncode_xaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_"port"_XAXIS")
local guncode_yaxis = manager.machine.input:code_from_token("GUNCODE_"port"_YAXIS")
but I don't know how to use the variable port and whats its actual value, any advise? thanks

Started by yamatetsu - Last post by Zebidee

Indeed. According to the Wiki, Felix is 102 years old. Mind boggling.

Used to watch Felix, in B&W, when I was about 6/7, before grabbing my bag (of tricks!), closing up the house and walking to school (by myself).

It boggles my mind that this was considered "normal" then, compared to the helicopter parenting that is "normal" nowadays.

Nice work on Donald :D

6   Main Forum / Re: replacing ghetto sound system?on Today at 02:34:21 pm

Started by slybunda - Last post by Zebidee


7   GroovyMAME / Re: Groovymame 0.248 - Switchres 2.002mon Today at 01:40:35 pm

Started by Calamity - Last post by b4nd1t0

Thanks.  :cheers:

8   GroovyMAME / I2c Ardiuno Bridge to Edit Vsizeon Today at 12:57:14 pm

Started by darknezz19 - Last post by darknezz19

Got an ardiuno and downloaded one of Martin Hejnfelt's i2c projects to enable rgb on certain jungles. The git is below.

My Jungle is a TA1268N, uses the same write address and read address as his jungle. Edited the code to just look for 09 offsets and edit the hex to change Vsize. Was having trouble getting it to work at first, but for some reason when my logic analyzer is hooked up to the i2c outputs that go to the jungle, it magically starts working. I'm not sure why yet, and need to figure that out. Edited the Vsize value manually and reuploaded to the ardiuno, Vsize was indeed changed. In the end my goal will to be to store an initial Vsize value, and then map a couple momentary switches to increase and decrease the value.

This will be great for GroovyMame setups. As many of your might already know, most all other geometry can be controlled with settings in the driver, except for Vsize. When this is done, which might take a while longer as I'm a green horn with C++, should be seamless to change that setting. No more having to go through the service menu when changing a game.

Big thanks to Martin for making his code open source, couldn't have started this without his initial code.

9   GroovyMAME / Re: GroovyMAME/ARCADE32/64 custom buildon Today at 12:56:43 pm

Started by haynor666 - Last post by haynor666

Version 250 is out.

10   GroovyMAME / Re: Groovymame 0.248 - Switchres 2.002mon Today at 11:25:27 am

Started by Calamity - Last post by haynor666

Great, I'm eager to test fix for custom modelines usage.
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