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Title: LEDSpicer setup difficulties
Post by: sboultbee on June 21, 2021, 11:25:18 pm
I am having a very difficult time getting LEDSpicer up and running on my Pi4 and can't figure out what I'm doing incorrectly.

I've read through the wiki at the LEDSpicer homepage as well as following Mahuti's write up at ( which was helpful as it documented a few things that weren't documented on the LEDSpicer homepage.

The difficulty appears to be related to getting ledspicerd to receive the information that it needs in order to change the button colors, blink start buttons, and rotate joysticks (ServoStiks).  I can get many of these to work individually and manually, but not automatically.  My ledspicer.conf file does not throw any errors when used with ledspicerd -d nor do my two profiles, default.xml and profile_arcade.xml when run through ledspicerd -p.

I am using an Ultimarc UltimateIO and two ServoSticks (connected to the same ServoStik control board).  My Pi4 is the 4GB model.  I am using the image for MAME from,162889.0.html (,162889.0.html)

The system as set up with the image above is booting to and using the MAME GUI rather than the other two frontend options provided (AttractMode or AdvanceMENU).  I plan to switch over to AttractMode, but I'm current having issues with AM not running and so am sticking with the MAME GUI for the time being.  As I read the documentation on the LEDSpicer website, I should be using the processLookup program to extract the information from the command line (that i assume the MAME GUI is using), which then calls the emitter with that info to load the correct profile.  However, nothing happens when I have processLookup in my ledspicer.conf file and have processLookup and ledspicerd running.

I can get the ServoStiks to rotate using the rotator program and I can get the coin button to blink for Dig Dug by running
Code: [Select]
emitter LoadProfileByEmulator digdug arcade after the game is launched - I'm running the code from a remote SSH session.  I have colors.ini and controls.ini in /usr/local/share/ledspicer/ they do not appear to be read - while Dig Dug does blink the 1P start button when I run the emitter command above, it blinks the button white instead of red that's in colors.ini.

Apologies for the long post - I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this to work and feel that I'm missing something very simple.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.  I can post the various files if that would be helpful.

Title: Re: LEDSpicer setup difficulties
Post by: sboultbee on June 23, 2021, 11:05:04 am
UPDATE: I was able to get my AttractMode issues resolved and itís now up and running. With AM now working, I was able to install Mahutiís Emitter plug-in for AttractMode (link in the post above) and now LEDSpicer is working as expected. Mahutiís sample files in the post on the other forum were also invaluable in helping with the set up.