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I've got a couple mame machines that have been acting up lately and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.
I'm running maximus arcade that launches from the startup folder sometimes the computer just locks up when I hit the power button on the computer and I have to restart it. I think the problem may have something with the way I'm shutting down. All I do is press the power button on the computer rather than going Start/Shut down like you would with a mouse. Could this cause problems?

O.k. I did a search of old posts.
Is it fine to change my setting to : when I hit power button, shut down my computer, and that's it?

 :whap You could seriously ---fudgesicle--- up you OS or Frontend by forcing the PC off.
Assign a exit or shutdown key combo in MA instead.

While you're in Maximus Arcade, press CTRL + P  to open the Preferences window.
Click on the "Controller" tab.
Click on the "Setup 2" tab.
The last two posts are "Quit Frontend" and "Shutdown Computer". Assign a key combo like Esc+P+1 or some other combo that you'll remember and not press by accident.

more info here --->

+1 Most modern OS's need to be shutdown orderly.

That's not to say that they +can't+ just be "turned off" and will survive intact. In most cases, they will. BUT you increase the risk of an important file being half written or other possible problems immensely if you just brute force power off consistently. That really should be a "mode of last resort".


Please don't shut down a Windows computer by hitting the power button!   :hissy:


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