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Controls.dat is moving.  It will move here to

It's going to take some time because I have to reprogram some of the php to handle the new settings.  I am not sure if I can integrate the forum to grab usernames like I did at donkeyfly.  I may have to create my own user login system for people that want to submit or admin.

Since I will have to do some reprogramming it is a great time to add in code to integrate work others have done while the donkeyfly site was down.  Anyone who has created unofficial controls.dat projects email me with the detail (link to files, any information you think I need to know).  My email is sirpoonga at  This way I don't forget who has done what.

I will be talking to saint to get a controls.dat subforum to discuss entries.

great news ... good luck!

If you want the source code to my ControlsDat program SP just message me...

Sorry I left abruptly..... I had real-world issues to deal with.  I'm ready when you are!

Had some permissions issues to deal with.  I found an older backup of the donkeylfy db.  This weekend I am going to try to get the database up.  Then all I need to do is update the php code to point to the database and new location.  Then I will have saint create a controls.dat subforum here.

I also found the vb tool I created that takes the output of mamediff and created database update commands.  Hopefully within the month I will have the site up and going and updated to the latest mame.  That is assuming mamediff has been kept up to date.

Any major control changes in mame in .111?  What issues are you developers having with controls.dat?


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