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Does anyone tried to run skjukebox on windows 7?

Long time ago, I demonstrate to a friend of mine how fast and easy was skjukebox with a huge collection of music and he loved it.
Recently, he upgraded his PC with windows 7 and wasn't able to install skjukebox on it.

I haven't tried it myself, but I was was wondering if someone had any trouble/success using skjukebox on a PC running windows 7.


Space Fractal:
The installation "fail" to install correctly and got a dialog box about it.... But the application ran fine thought (just started it and no crash errors here).

He might need to find and install the Visual Basic 6 runtime files required the app to run (also in the mirror page, like

PS. This was just tested on 64bit Windows 7.

Rock on Space Fractal!,
my friend just called me and confirmed that he forgot to install VB6.

After VB6 installation, the program run fine.

thanks a lot!

This issue is resolved.
Jay  :cheers:

I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit.  The app installs with the 'fail' error and I ignore it.  When I run the app I see it in task manage but it does not show up.  Any suggestions?  I run as admin and allow the app to run when UAC asks.


Space Fractal:
This app have not designed with UAC I think, due the app might write to its app folder which is impossible with UAC turned on....

But the app DOES work this time, but might not do the in the future OS, since I heard VB6 support have been dropped at all (no runtime files included), But let see its do can install these runtime files with the exe instead.


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