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Hi folks,

I have recently acquired a Megatouch Maxx (1998) in working condition. I want to convert it into a jukebox (while keeping the original games), but can't get the touchscreen work under Windows XP.
The Megatouch has a m3 microtouch controller (serial port). So I have downloaded and installed the appropriate drivers, trying all available versions. I keep getting the error message that "the touchscreen cannot be found on Com 1". The same happens on my 2nd pc.

I have no idea what to do about that and highly appreciate your advice.

Option B: I also have an ELO 15' Touchscreen TFT LCD that I could use to replace the original monitor....

Thanks a lot!

Couple things come to mind.  Ensure the touchscreen is powered up before you plug in the serial cable.

Check your computer BIOS and make sure that COM1 is enabled.

Also check the device manager in XP and see if it shows com1 as recognized.

It sounds overall like a driver version issue though even though you said you installed the drivers.  Double check you have the latest XP specific drivers.

Just some things to try.

I kinda like Option B, but I'd have a hard time reaching the top of a 15 foot monitor.  ;)

(Sorry, as a Spinal Tap fan I couldn't resist)

On a serious note, I'd keep trying drivers.  You might think you've got the right one installed, but the fact that you've installed 'all available versions' of the 'appropriate drivers' kinda sounds like you aren't sure of the one correct driver (as is usually the case for all of us).

Kevin Mullins:
Which specific drivers are you using ?

This set seems to work for most 3M touchscreens I have worked with -
And I test touchscreens with XP.

Ditto on the make sure your COM ports are enabled and that the serial port on your PC is recognized as COM1.

Thanks guys for helping out!
Special thanks to Kevin, because of him confirming I am using the correct driver I focused on other parameters and discovered that the power supply cable of the controller was loose :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Now everything is working perfectly. Once again thank you!!


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