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Dennis Downing Jr:
I have just released a new version of Jukebox Create-A-Label. JukeBox Create-A-Label v2.2 has the ability to print 45 RPM or 78 RPM title strips for your jukebox. There are many different style title strips which can come in handy to make it easy to find a specific artist or genre of music on the jukebox by color or by theme! Another great feature of Jukebox Create-A-Label v2.2 is the ability to import custom made title strips. If you would like to design your own title strip to use with the software, this version is for you. With a simple FREE software called PAINT.NET (this is what I use but you can use any paint software you like) you can design your title strip and save the file as a (.jpg) image on your computer and import it into the software. Dont worry about being so specific with the size of the image that you make, Jukebox Create-A-Label v2.2 has the ability to scale the image up or down to make it the perfect size to use for a title strip.

 2.2 Update Includes::

       - added change log
       - added ability to import custom title strips
       - added "sending data to printer" before print to avoid printing by mistake
       - added ability to select pages which will print (print all or some) from one location
       - added 78 RPM title strips
       - added ability to add or remove "" (quotation marks) from 45 RPM song titles
       - closed spacing on 45 title strips for ease of cutting and so it will fit in A4 paper margins
       - added ability to write a review for the software; brings you to the webpage (make sure you are logged in to the website)

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has made Jukebox Create-A-Label what it is today!!

Dennis Downing Jr.

Dennis Downing Jr:
Hello Jukebox Community,

     I am thinking about a future update to the Jukebox Create-A-Label software. I am thinking about adding the ability to print title cards. I do not have much knowledge about that subject, if anyone is interested in partnering with me on this please visit and drop me an email.
     This addition will only come into production if the demand is there. If this would be something of interest to anyone you can also drop me an email stating that this new feature would be beneficial to you. If you want to help with the new version you could get me the dimensions of the cards. To my understanding there are a few different types.. Basically any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The more details the better.

Thanks for all of your support!!

Dennis Downing Jr.

Dennis Downing Jr:
Hello Jukebox Community!!

   In Jukebox Create-A-Label v2.2, I added the ability to import custom title strips. I have some great news, I added a page to the website where you can download custom title strips.

   Lets make this a community effort!! I ask that if anyone has title strips which work well with the software, (possibly created from one of the members of the community) please email me the image so I can import it into the software and make sure it will work correctly. If it passes the test it will be available for all to download on the website ASAP.

If you would like to check out the custom strips,  Navigate to:   and click on the  'CUSTOM TITLE STRIPS'  menu on the left.

Thanks again for all of the great reviews and support from the jukebox community.
Special thanks to Saint for making this all possible with his forum which reaches far and wide in the jukebox world.

Dennis Downing Jr.

Dennis Downing Jr:
Working on a new version.

Please leave me some suggestions... It would be greatly appreciated!!

Dennis Downing Jr:
Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls:

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. My brother and I have joined forces and re-wrote Jukebox Create-A-Label from the ground up. This new software addresses all issues that people have had in the past as well as incorporating many of the ideas that were presented to me. Once again there is a FREE and a paid version. I am very sure you will be pleased with this incredible updated software!!

I put together a little video that shows you some of the software features.. Hope you enjoy....
Jukebox Create-A-Label v3.0 Features:

    Import existing databases (Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated Value & Create-A-Label 2.x)
    Import any image to be used as a title strip
    Font management
    Jukebox Create-A-Label will load all fonts that are installed on your computer. To add a new font to your jukebox label, just install it on your computer. It will show up the next time you run the program. We added the ability to exclude fonts, because nobody wants a jukebox label written in Wingdings
    Adjustable text position - all text on the title strip can be moved (up,down,left or right) so you can create some really far out designs.
    All text background is transparent.
    Edit any jukebox label with a click of a button.
    Copy & Paste label styles from one title strip to the next.
    Each jukebox label can have a different style.
    Style Preset - Save a title strip style so you can reuse your favorite designs across multiple files.
    All modifications are saved in your database file (font, title strip image, spacing & position)
    Increase/Decrease Label Size - Even though title strip sizes should all be standard, we included the ability to resize just in case the labels don't fit exactly the way you like them.
    Added more text fields for a jukebox label ( Record Label, Year & Manufacturer ID)
    Sort your database entries by: (Artist, Record Label, Year, Manufacturer ID, Jukebox Name, Star Rating, Date & Time Created/Modified & RPM(45/78) )
    Working Directories - set a default storage location for all your Jukebox files
    Recent Files - easily manage several files
    Auto Open - Only work with one file? Set an option to automatically open it every time
    Search database entries form search bar
    Combine multiple Jukebox Create-A-Label v2.x databases into 1 Create-A-Label v3.0 database

Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows XP, Vista , 7 , 8.x , 10 ( 32-bit & 64-bit )


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