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Tempest Cab for Sale - Seattle area - pickup only


J. Blazer:
I have an original tempest cabinet that had been gutted, graphics were badly scratched up, and since painted over black. Otherwise cabinet in good condition, coin door, mounted 19" SVGA monitor included, 2 Blue Happs ultimate joysticks, 6 black Happs buttons, 1p,2p, coin insert buttons in white.

Needs some finishing work (bezel, graphics), an interface, and a PC to be complete.

Email me for further details. $175/make offer

I'll take it for free if you don't get any offers. ;D


no offence but how dumb are you :P

he is selling for $175...hahahahaha...he could just take out the part then likely make atleat $100 out of it...nothing against you or anythin but I LIKE YOUR OFFER AKA FREE ;D>>>>sorry folks,little bit off topic...good luck selling though ;)


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