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Anyone wana buy a mame machine...


im pushing aside my mame machine to build a DC machine, to bad for me my room is so extreamly small  i can barely fit this 1 machine in here, anywho heres the specifics...

Street Fighter 2 turbo cabinet
25 in arcade monitor (15khz)
2 ultimate 8 way joys 6 button
Laminant Grey and Black (looks pimpish)

AMD athlon xp 1600
512 megs pc2100 micron ram
4 Surround sound cambridge sound work speakers and 1 woofer (i can deduct this if you wana use your own speakers or wire up the cab speakers)
all in all its a really great machine, i made 8 boards before i was satisfied with it, and finally i am, i spaced out the joys as far as possible so you dont get the elbow playing.

i cut a hole in the cabinet where the CD ROM will fit, i had one in there but my cd rom on my real comp blew so i had to take it out

Screen has no burns at all.
Machine can be set to boot into dos windows or strait into arcade os over dos.
games do not come "with" the machine.

Email me

more than likely i will throw it on ebay but im waiting for a digi cam first :\


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