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*cries* my beloved MAME cab is up on ebay..


Im moving and need to sell the cab.

if you dont want the cab but know someone who does, please show them this link. I look foward to building a new one in texas with BYOAC help again =)

well malenko..i know we had a little FIGHT...never mind ;D..we are still i am still interested in the monitor..JIM RAINBOW DID SEND ME 2 of them and both came broken :-[..YEAH LUCKY ME>>>i paid 200$..anyways if nobody buys your mame cabinet then i am interested in the monitor...if you ship it great...or drive..then wow..i am only 17 car yet....i will pay you $175 since you only paid $60 then drove yourself down let me know if you would sell the monitor only...i am in brooklyn new if you could make it here...then GREAT!!!..let me know...

or can post here..i will be looking around..

dude that is so ---fouled up beyond all recognition--- up ebay removed your mame cabinet due to illegal crap.
i know cause i was the only one to bid on it :D, im not really intrested in it but it was a nice ass machine so i figured i'd give it a boost.
This is what you do, put it back on ebay agian and leave out the stuff about the roms just say a bunch of legal BS such as not alowd to download roms you dont own also say you will include FREEWARE roms which have been legally distributed by capcom and some other companys. tell the people who are intrested to EMAIL you for info on how to get the rest of the roms, just tell them if a bunch of CDR's end up in their mail one day with no return address and happen to be full of mame roms dont ask you about them ;)
just looking out, better luck next time

Yeah, just got the mail now, Im settling the dispute, if they wont relist it, I'll be careful about thewhole rom thing.

I did get 2 bids, and Ive gotten a private offer, if push comes to shove I'll sell it to the private buyer :/

Thanks for the support though everyone, I do appriciate it. and if I relist it, I'll post it here again.



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