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How do I update a file?


DaOld Man:
I found a small bug in mrotate2(a).
I fixed the bug and need to upload the latest, but I dont see how to do that.

Mrotate2(a) bug:
When you un-check the option "Show warning or error messages" and exit mrotate2(a) setup mode:

In mrotate2.ini: Display a message on error = False

But when you run mrotate2(a) setup mode again,The check box gets checked, resulting in this line being written to mrotate2.ini, on exit:

Display a message on error = True.

Had that checkbox and the one for "Make activity logs" swapped in Form1 form_load.

My Dummassness is showing again....

Upload the new one, I'll nuke the old one.

DaOld Man:
File uploaded. Thanks Saint!

Old one nuked, new one online! :)

I have a website for The Launcher.
I have just uploaded The Launcher to the file repository, awaiting approval.
Is it Ok to have a download link from the website to direct folks who want to download it?

here is the website:


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