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WellsGardner U3100 NEW for sell in Germany


Carsten Carlos:

I could tell a long story about this, but I'll keep it short. After months for trying to get one of these great Arcade-style-monitors with VGA-plug (right, just like your PC-monitor, find more out in this forum/arcadecontrols itself and on my homepage) and nearly giving up...

Now I got two. I have on left I got shipped from Happ UK - it's in it's original box and I only made an european AC-plug for it and tested if it works. Manufacturing date of the monitor is February 2002.

As you might imagine, it was very expensive, for they had to import it from the US to their UK-office and then shipped it to me. I paid 795,54 Euro for it (including shipping and VAT/Mehrwertsteuer) and that's no lie! :(

If you are interested or have questions regarding this, please mail me. You'll find my email-address on my homepage (click at www under my avatar) or just post here.

The package contains the monitor, circuit-diagram and the AC-cord (german type). The monitor is very mounting-friendly and has some detachable side-brackets.


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