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Purchasing Arcade monitors.

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Yes and what really sucks is that any shooting games that use an optical gun will be trash.
Optical guns do not work with an LCD,

This list may need to be updated. I'm having a heck of a time finding new or used 25" CGA monitors. I'm getting the impression that they're gone.

Ken Layton:
25 inch were replaced by 24.8 inch a few years ago.

Thankfully i dont throw or give much away when it comes to electronics. I still have all of our old crt tvs when we replaced them with flat screens. If people havent figured out by now, those old tvs (and old computer monitors too) are becoming priceless for using with old consoles.

Ive got 1 25 inch tv left for possibly slipping into an arcade monitor chassis later on.

A great source for crt arcade monitors is the seller, Quarterarcade, on ebay. Ive bought a couple makvision hybrids off of him and they both arrived perfect, and the c/s was great.

oh yeah, i havent seen a lower price on those monitors either.


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