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Purchasing Arcade monitors.

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Hi is there a list of online Arcade monitor sellers?  I checked the sticked posts but did not find anything and thought it would be helpful to keep an updated list of places that carried arcade monitors.

Elerium-115: Elk Grove, IL(HQ); Las Vegas, NV; Henderson, NV; Bloomington, MN; Menomonee Falls, WI

Lets keep this thread updated and maybe it will become a sticky!

I like to know where the dealers are so we might be able to save on shipping by doing a pickup.

If you mean CRT arcade monitors, you should delete Happ. They only have LCD ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- now.

And add as they carry brand new Vision Pro 19" CRT monitors !

If you are looking for CRT Arcade monitors ... act fast. We are down to less than a thousand. Depending on what size and resolution we may or may not have them in stock.

The void is coming.


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