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Viewers / helper utilities for various file types.

* .DWG - Autocad format. Use the Autodesk free DWG TrueView ( If link goes bad, go to the main autodesk site and search for TrueView)

* .AI - Adobe Illustrator format. ?

I've been using Inkscape (open source vector program) to view .ai files.  As of version 0.47 it has the ability to import them and has worked on everything I've tried so far.

Excellent - Freeware, shareware or commercial? Do you have a link?

It's free to use open source.  The main site is here and the versions have been getting updated regularly.

Speaking of Inkscape: I have a bunch of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images I'd like to upload, but file type isn't supported. Can the .svg extension be added?


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