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Xbox 360 XInput keyboard hack (works for SFIV, MKK, SFxTekken, Etc)

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--- Quote from: TheManuel on January 08, 2019, 09:52:52 am ---Before you get too far down that path, I recommend that you try this method, if only for a quick test.  I initially set up all of my PC fighting games with either x360ce or vjoy (never needed both at the same time) but the method in that link provides a quick way to convert keyboard strokes directly to xinput and will save you a lot of headaches.  It is easy to set up, establish mappings, etc.

If I was starting from scratch now, I would use that exclusively.  In fact, I've been slowly converting my existing games to that for the sake of simplicity of maintenance.

--- End quote ---

I second this!


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