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Hey guys im new to all this mame stuff,im between using mame 32 and mame+,anyways all the old arcade gameslike asterroids,donkey knog are fab and run fine(what mame is the best to use  btw?)

The question is though the latest arcade games like Virtua striker 4/virtua tennis/18 wheeler can they roms be able to play through an emulator?I know the graphics are far better and all but would like to know,I managged to get hold of a large chd file but didnt know how to run it,do the latest gmes need a new type of emulator?

I have zsnes,fusion,project 64,GBA,Mame32,Psxe are there any other emulators i am missing that are used a lot.

As i say i am kinda new to this but getting there,  any help be cool


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