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Can this 20" 15KHz Mitsubishi monitor be used for my setup?

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Hi Folks!

I recently came across two 20" Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 20M (model HC3925KTK) for free.  :)  However, after hooking them up to my standard VGA port using the cable (5 BNC to VGA cable).  The monitor would not show an image.

I had assumed that the monitor was standard.  However, I did some more research and it looks like it is a 15KHz monitor with a maximum resolution of 800 x 600.  It came from an Avid editing system, so is specialized.

Here are the specs on the monitor:

So here are my questions:
1)  Since it's 15KHz, would I be able to pop an AVGA2 card in there and see something on the display?
2)  There are 2 VGA ports on the monitor and 5 BNC connectors.  Which one should I use to connect it to my PC?
3)  If I were to use the BNC connection method.  What goes where?  There are 5 inputs.  (see attached pic).

** edit **  I found this guide on how to connect here but I am still unsure of what to do:

Thanks in advance for your help!


I am pretty confident that:

1) Yes, would connect fine to the AVGA
2) Use the VGA port (Signal A)
3) The colours match up to the back of the monitor ports exactly in the order you have them in the cable pic, starting from the top down corresponding to left to right on the monitor. However, you should be fine with just VGA.

Jack Burton:
I have this exact model of monitor and it works beautifully with MAME and 15khz resolutions.

You can search my posts here for more information.  I've posted about it in several different places.

A few notes:

You need to use the Signal 3 option on the switch on the front of the monitor to display an image from the BNC ports on Signal B.

I've never been able to use the VGA input.  I'm not sure it is for what we think it is.  It might be a VGA out for all I know.

You will also need to adjust the luminence controls in the back.  I can't remember whether you use the High setting or the 75 ohms setting, but if your image looks dark then change the setting.

The maximum resolution for this monitor is indeed 800x600 so you will need to have a low resolution set before you try this monitor, or you can start windows in VGA mode.

Don't give up on this monitor.  You basically got a 19" Digital Multisync arcade monitor for free.

So this monitor requires an AVGA card?  I was hoping I can get away with using a soft 15KHz hacked ATI card.  I tried it in my current setup (I have a Betson and and ATI HD with soft KHz installed) and I could not get anything to display in the monitor.



Jack Burton:
It's possible your graphics card doesn't work with that computer.  For some reason when I first got my monitor it didn't want to work with the computer I had set up for it.  I have no clue why this happened, but I hooked up another PC and everything worked perfect.  That motherboard still doesn't work on the monitor.

You don't need an ArcadeVGA.  I use Nvidia cards.  I have a Geforce 3 and a 6800 and both work well with advancemame and soft 15khz.


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