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Mame roms hanging after launching in Maximus Arcade (SOLVED)

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Hi guys, I'm starting on my first cab and have been using the to get Mame compiled but I am having some problems. So I am running Mame 0.133 command line version with Maximus Arcade as my FE. I have Maximus pointed to my Mame.exe, as well as my Rom folder. However when I try to launch a ROM it will attempt to load it then it will just sit there. Sometimes it will show the loading percentage then just go black and sometimes it won't show the percentage at all and just go to a black screen. I'm starting to think I didn't compile Mame correctly. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong would much be appreciated.

no suggestions?

try running a game just from the command line (don't use your frontend) and see what happens.

ok I'll try that when I get home.

Thank you Haruman I figured it out I didnt have the Rom folder in the same folder as my mame src. Noob error  :banghead:


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