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Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this post, if it isn't please let me know and I'll move or remove it.

Has any thought been given to including the B+ filter caps?  That way the list would include all of the electrolytic caps for a given chassis.

I'm in the process if recapping my Kortek KTA 915 monitor and would love to submit the cap list and Cxxx locations but I'm not sure how to identify if my caps are Low Impedance, audio or regular/generic and don't know which cap to use for a B+ replacement cap.

They generally don't go bad, that's why they're not in the list.

I've always thought  that is very odd. Just because these are usually (much) bigger and thus (much) more expensive they seem to be omitted in almost all cap-kits.

If we assume that we do the cap-kit because the old caps have dried-out because of heat and wear, then why would it suddenly be OK to leave in the big one's that are just as old ?

I have a feeling that these are left out to keep kit prices low.

The really big caps do the most filtering of the most essential (first) voltages coming into a monitor or, let's say a power supply.

We do change the Big Blue's but we don't exchange the really large caps on, let's say, a WG6100 ??

This is a nice help too:

Kevin Mullins:
Say someone (i.e. me) is looking for something like a 470uf 25v cap on Mouser....

What is the characteristics or quality difference between these two cap choices ?

Nichicon 647-UPM1E471MPD1TD
Xicon 140-HTRL25V470-RC

I was using the cap lists provided and chose a random cap from the K4600 list and then I tried a general Mouser search to see how well that worked, when I realized there was nearly 70 choices to choose from.
So I just looked at costs and such, so between the two choices above there's about a nickel a piece the higher costing cap still a better choice and why? (brand?)

I'm actually fixing to put together a few "project lists" together and was trying to get a handle on the selection process for each. (I have about 100 different caps to look up)
none of the caps I'm going to be looking up are anything really special, pretty standard 105 degree electrolytics and such, a couple may be low ESR, but not many.


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