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--- Quote from: guppy on June 30, 2010, 01:40:51 pm ---
--- Quote from: SirPeale on June 23, 2010, 09:53:19 pm ---Updated the 4900 list above.

Location   Voltage   Value    Notes?   
C201   25   1000   Bumped up voltage from 16 to 25   647-UVZ1E102MPD
C205   16   470      647-UHE1C471MPD
C301   50   330      647-UVZ1H331MPD
C303   50   3.3      647-UVZ1H3R3MDD1TD
C308   50   3.3      647-UVZ1H3R3MDD1TD
C310   160   10   Bumped up voltage from 100 to 160   647-UVZ2C100MPD
C311   160   10      647-UVZ2C100MPD
C313   200   47   Bumped up voltage from 160 to 200   667-EEU-EB2D470
C315   50   1      667-ECE-A1HKG010
C351   50   1      667-ECE-A1HKG010
C352   25   47      647-UPM1E470MED1TD
C354   25   47      647-UPM1E470MED1TD
C366   25   22      647-UVZ1E220MDD
C505   200   560      661-EKMQ201VN561MP30
C506   160   22      661-EKXG161ETD220MJ2
C507   200   47   Bumped up voltage from 160 to 200   667-EEU-EB2D470
C701   25   1000      647-UVZ1E102MPD
C702   160   10   Bumped up voltage from 100 to 160   647-UVZ2C100MPD

--- End quote ---

I ordered and installed this kit (I used your mouser project list) on my 19K4952 Wells-Garner .  The C505 cap (mouser# 661-EKMQ201VN561MP30)  is physically much smaller than the original cap.  Therefore the heavy pins on the mouser cap will not align to the holes in the pcb.  The pins on the mouser cap are les than 1/4" long, so there is no bending possible.   I ended up just not using it at all.  This single cap is also the most expensive in the kit ($2.13).

BTW,  My monitor looks great now.  Thanks

--- End quote ---

I hadn't needed the K900 list above until now, and there are some discrepancies.  I must have used another revision of the schematics to put the list together.  Here are the discrepancies:

C303 - 2.2uf @ 50V
C308 - 2.2uf @ 50V
C311 - 4.7uf @ 160V
C313 - 100uf @ 160V

Guppy, if you're still around, can you detail which 4900 model you have?

Does anyone have an updated project for a WG-K4600?  Several items in the posted project are back-ordered.



--- Quote from: deega on November 24, 2010, 08:20:13 pm ---Does anyone have an updated project for a WG-K4600?  Several items in the posted project are back-ordered.


--- End quote ---

When this happens I search for products based on the same parameters of the original, then select one that's actually in-stock.  Should take you just a few minutes to pick them out.

That's what I did..  I'm awaiting my order now.

I also double checked my caps in my chassis to confirm and it appears that one of the two 2.2uF 50v is supposed to be bipolar.  C633, at least on my board, is a bipolar cap.  I ordered 647-UEP1H2R2MDD as a replacement for that one.

I'll know more when I receive my order.   :)  Thanks for the mouser projects!

The K7400 cap list over at mouser had some end of life caps on it with zero quantities left, so I made a few substitutions and re-saved the list:

I see a few that I selected are also EOL too, but they're leaded caps with some pretty good quantities left, so hopefully the list can remain 'as is' for now.




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