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Hi guys,

First off, I am no spinner expert. Just a guy who loved playing spinner games back in the day. I purchased the TurboTwist 2 spinner ( because I had already spent quite a bit of money at and wanted to spread the spending to some of the other vendors that support our hobby.

So while I am an IT guy in real life you won't get a lot of technical wizardry on the inner workings of a spinner.  Instead you will see how the spinner looks when it arrives, mounted from underneath and a look at performance and settings in Windows.

Part 1 ->
Part 2 ->
Part 3 ->

i liked your review.

i am after a spinner and unfortunately we cant get hold of these here in uk easy.importing isnt realy an option as our customs is pretty strict and if they whop a great dirty big charge ontop the price it will end up one expensive piece of kit to buy.

i will probably opt for the ultimarc product.

nonetheless thanks for keeping me outta trouble for 15mins (whatever)

Great review, very informative - thanks for making the effort to do this and post the videos. I've been contemplating getting the TT2, and this really helped fill in a few of the blanks.

Quick question for you Epyx, slightly OT to the subject of this thread - what is thickness of your CP? It looks like your Mag-Stiks are bottom-surface mounted in 3/4"... Is this correct, or have you routed the joystick mounting on the underside? How do you like the 'feel' with that mounting regimen?

BTW, I left you some stars at YouTube. Cheers.

Excellent review! I've been passively paying attention to spinners for my cab configuration, and have shied away for fear of creating a frankenpanel. I had no idea the TT2 had such an elegant (and small) footprint!

Does anyone know offhand if it can be readily interfaced with the mini pac? My wiring harness has the available leads for a spinner, but I wasn't sure if there was a plug & play solution, or if it required a bit of wiring.

Cheers to such a great review!



Thanks Jeremymtc.  My CP is 3/4" but I have routed the joystick mount underneath an additional 1/4" down to 1/2".  The feel of the stick is very similar to the competition etc as far as length protruding above the CP. The functionality however is completely different. As many have mentioned the throw is about 5deg versus 10-15 on a lot of the North American sticks which is definitely taking some getting used to in 8 way.


I don't believe it can be readily interfaced with the mini pac without a degree of hacking involved.  I could be wrong.  I would forward this question to Andy and I am sure you will get a quick reply.


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