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i want to be able to lock my system.

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edit: Holy ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---, July?! I thought the last post was this month! NVM then.

I'm taking my laptop into school to play music, but I want to lock my computer into iTunes so that other people can't get out of it, unless they have a password or something. Anyone got any ideas? I only want people to be able to access iTunes :)

Yes. If you are using Windows 7, click Start, then click the icon at the upper-right portion of hte Start menu, right above your login name. This will open the User Account Manager. On the Account Manager, click "Manage Your Credentials" and set a password for your account. This way, when you turn on your computer you will be required to enter a password to log on. Now, click OK on that window and close the User Account Manager.

He wants to completely lock everything but iTunes, not everything and iTunes. An easy way to do this would be using Instantsheller and tick the box "CHANGE SHELL ONLY FOR CURRENT USER" (Create a new user called iTunes first) then make sure "CHANGE SHELL APPLICATION" is checked off. Click browse on "APPLICATION TO SHELL" and set it to your iTunes .exe

Click "I AM READY, DO IT!"

Then just restart your system and login to the User iTunes and you should only be able to use iTunes and wont be able to access the taskbar. Then simply add a password to your other account so only you can logout of iTunes and go into normal windows.


LInk to download Instantsheller -


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