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So I go to visit my pinball machine ...

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I went over to my friend's house to use his router to cut a t-molding slot, and I decided to play a game on my Victory Pinball machine that he is holding for me.

I play one game, score a bit over a million, about what I usually do.

Then I see the high score table after my game.

SRW in all 5 positions, including one score that was higher than the current Twin Galaxies world record for the game.

Who is SRW? That is my friend's new wife's 16 year old sister (Sonya). She came over to visit for the weekend, and proceeded to blow every score off that machine in one day. Eek, I thought I was getting kind of good, and then this little girl (who was born the same year the machine was made), just came up and totally owned the thing.

Dag, yo.  Yo got yo ass smizzoked.  Girl was  in the heezzee fo sheezee.

Gotta talk like 'em to beat 'em :)


LOL! Reset the score and play again!  ;D


--- Quote from: Hellnation on July 07, 2003, 05:28:08 am ---LOL! Reset the score and play again!  ;D

--- End quote ---

ha ha!  yeah take back your toy!  that'll teach em.

Seriously though there's got to be some owner-borrower etiquette.  "Thou shalt not replace the owners scores with thine own"

I remember the first couple of months I had to keep telling my friends "no dirty words on the highscores"  


I would reset, but I did a memory reset (scores and bookkeeping) the day I bought the machine, and kind of wanted to never reset it again. Since it is nice to be able to see how many games have racked up since the day I got it (close to 4000 now).

I am probably going to change the thing back to 3 balls though. Apparently it uses a different bonus scoring scheme on 5 ball games, and I end up scoring higher on three ball games (because I can usually hit the first 3 checkpoints in about 2 seconds, giving like 600K if it is set to 3 balls, but only like 200K if it is set to 5 balls).


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