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Viewing controls.dat/controls in a FE with Vista or 7


I have Windows 7 and I am looking for a frontend that will show the controls.dat information.

My current thoughts are using Mala and CPViwer to make png files.  I think 7 I missing something because mamewah acts weird and cpviewer throw a RTE 5 error (someone needs to add error handling).

So for now I modified the game launcher layout for Mala and added in text for the controls.  I would like pics.

Edit: forgot about CPWizard, will have to give that a try.  Sorry headkaze :)  BTW, does anyone have headkaze's cp patch for mame in 118 and 130?

No worries  ;D

I haven't tried the bezel patch with 0130 yet but it will probably work. If not let me know and I'll do an update. I don't have a bezel patch earlier than 0121. If that doesn't work quite often opening up the diff in a text editor and editing the source manually will work.

You can download them from here. Please let me know if it runs okay in Windows 7.

Does CPWizard look at mame's cfg files?  I am trying to get it to match up with my cp but so far it is weird.


--- Quote from: SirPoonga on April 08, 2009, 12:43:39 am ---Does CPWizard look at mame's cfg files?  I am trying to get it to match up with my cp but so far it is weird.

--- End quote ---

Yes it does but sometimes it can be a little picky with settings. For example some people get extra labels on some two player games because Mame defaults for player 3's Up, Down, Left and Right use the same as player 2 defaults so setting them to none usually solves that. Also mame.ini must reside in Mame's root folder if your using a ctrlr file. Also if your using analog inputs then you should use the digital labels in CPW which will then split them into two digital ones so they can be labelled (analog inputs only have a single axis for left/right and up/down so they must be split in order to label them correctly).

If you really can't figure it out usually a game's cfg, default.cfg, ctrlr file, CPWizard layout file and mame.ini are enough for me to figure out what is going wrong in the configuration. As CPWizard only uses input codes to map labels (it doesn't know if you have a trackball or a joystick or a button), for example, it just looks at P1_BUTTON1 being defaulted to KEYCODE_LCONTROL so if you remap that key to something else then it will remap the label. You can take a look in CPWizard's Data\InputCodes folder for the raw codes it uses.


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