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Artwork now available! X-Men 6 Player cab!

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They always say the same thing too, "It won't happen to me! I won't get bogged down with artwork files!"

Then they do.

I just pulled out my CPO files last night to work on it some more. Working with Rich, I need to go through all my finished files a tweak the colors to CMYK match them correctly with the originals. That's going to take a lot of test prints and probably a whole day.

That being said. Rich would love to have these files done before the Portland Retro Gaming Expo next month so we can clean up my machine and make it all pretty for the people who will play it. I'm hoping to get the CPO finished, as well as all the colors fixed on the marquee and bezel.

I also have some vector files of the big side art that will need some work, but then I should have that part done as well.

Glad to see that you haven' been eaten by a pterodactyl or whatever else happens to the 6 player cursed folks. 

Holy Resurrection Batman!  LOL.

Just wanted to update:  My buddy Joe and Szabo Arcades has reproduced the artwork.
He grabbed the machine in this vid:


Important update:  The artwork is now available!  My buddy Joe Szabo from Szabo's Arcades now offers it in his store:

Check out the episode where we do a walkthrough of his shop and take a look at the never before seen artwork that he re-created, FROM SCRATCH.

Finally!  We can now put this artwork topic to bed!  Thanks to everyone who participated (and shared) their artwork expertise and assets.  Joe ended up creating everything from scratch (100% vectorized and color corrected) based on his own hi res scans of the originals he had.  But it's still inspiring to know that he saw the project through from start to finish.



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