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Presumably Street Fighter 4 should be added to the list.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

May sound like an odd choice as it does have quite a few keyboard commands, but GTA Vice city would be a good choice. I looked at the config screen, and in addition to the joystick, it would require 23 keys. But, Zoom in and Zoom out (as well as turret lean up/down) could be given to the up/down on the second joystick, and the turret lean left/right (as well as next weapon previous weapon) could be joy2 left/right. (these things can be mapped to the same keys and not conflict, as they only work in the proper game mode for them). This would bring the total down to 15 buttons (if one included all commands, some of which are not needed).
On a system with 2 joys, 6 buttons each, plus coin and player start buttons, you would have enough. (Might want to make a template overlay to help people learn what button did what tho :D ).

EDIT: Forgot, might also want a trackball on the computer to make this work well.... :-\

Space Fractal:
Grid Wars 2 with my patch installed:

Best played with dual analog joystick, but can been use other controls as well (like trackball/joystick).

Just been sad it havent been updated yet and have even created 2 music files for it, but its still fun and the controls used is mouse/trackball or touchscreen. No keyboard is used, not even in the hiscore table, which is a problem with many near arcade combatible PC games. Just remember to write protect the configuration file.

Crazy Taxi 3:
Crazy Taxi 3 is also a fine game to arcade which use near same config system as Virtua Tennis (but havent search for the game again, hence no url)..... The game elsewice just use joystick and few buttons.

Very good, just added all the above to the list.  Keep them coming!



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