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"Official" list for PC Games On Cab

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I would like to start a somewhat official list of PC Games that can be played on cabs.  Here's the my list so far:

Real/Simple Arcade Games:
TitleControls UsedURL            Airstrike 2    Joystick/Buttons   Airstrike II : Gulf Thunder    Joystick/Buttons    Alien Abduction    Joystick/Buttons    Another World    Joystick/Buttons    Arklight   Mouse/Trackball, Buttons    Armagetron     Joystick/Buttons    AsteroidsGLJoystick/Buttons    Ballance    Joystick/Buttons    Bionic Commando RearmedJoystick/Buttons AND Trackball/Mouse Candy    Trackball/Mouse    Burn the TrashJoystick/Buttons    Chicken InvadersJoystick/Buttons or Trackball/Mouse Ren ShaJoystick/Buttons Patrol 1/2   Clash N' Slash    Mouse/Trackball, Buttons    ClickBeatmouse/trackball    Unknown    Commander Keen    Unknown    Crayon Physics Deluxe    Mouse/Trackball, Buttons    Crazy Taxi 3Joystick/Buttons Or No DealMouse/Buttons Dragon Forever    Joystick/Buttons    Dream Pinball 3D    Joystick/Buttons    Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project    Joystick/Buttons Ether Vapor    Joystick/Buttons    Feeding Frenzy    trackball    Final duel 2    Joystick/Buttons    Final Force    Joystick/Buttons    UNKNOWN    Filaxteroid    Trackball/buttons    Flatout    Joystick/Buttons    Flatout 2    Joystick/Buttons    Fraxy    Trackball AND Joystick    Grand Theft Auto 1/2Joystick/Buttons Wars 2dual analog joystick or Trackball/Joystick    Guitar Zero    Joystick/Button    Gunroar    Joystick/Button    GyrobotTrackball/Mouse    Hamster BallTrackball/Mouse's Race to the Rally    Joystick/Buttons    Heavy Weapon    Mouse/Trackball, Buttons    Hitogata Happa   Joystick/Mouse    House of Dead 1/2/3            Hurrican    Joystick/Buttons's MoonJoystick/Buttons    Hyperbowl     Trackball    Ice-Teroids    Joystick/Buttons    I Want to Be The Guy    Joystick/Buttons  Jack'O'RoidsJoystick/Buttons    Jets'n'GunsJoystick/Buttons or Trackball/Mouse Kachinko    Joystick/Buttons    Luxor   Trackball/Mouse   Mad Dog McCree 1/2            Maelstrom     Joystick/Buttons    Marble Arena    Trackball/Mouse   Marbel Blast   Trackball/Mouse    Marble InsanityTrackball/Mouse   Mechatron    Dual Joystick    Metroid SR-388    Joystick/Buttons    Get MedievalJoystick/Buttons    Mini Golf Mania    Trackball/Mouse   MillenipedeJoystick/Buttons    Mutant Storm    Joystick/Buttons    Moon PodJoystick/Buttons    Neverball     Trackball/Buttons    NFL Blitz 2000    Joystick/Buttons    Omega Race    Joystick/Buttons    Outrun 2006 - Coast to Coast    Joystick/Buttons    Pac-Man World Rally    Joystick/Buttons   Parsec47Joystick/Buttons    PeggleTrackball/buttons
    Pen Pen Olympics (Black Cat)Joystick/Buttons    trackball or joystick    PomPom Games(4 Games)   Joystick/Buttons    Prototype IIJoystick/Buttons    Push-Push PenguinJoystick/Buttons    Retroids (Dan's Remakes)    Joystick/Buttons    RocketBowl Plus    Trackball/buttons   Rip Off (Tardis Remakes)Joystick/Buttons    RumbleBox iJoystick/Buttons    Spider-man friend or foe    Joystick/Buttons    SpongeBob SquarePants Obstacle Odyssey    Star MonkeyJoystick/Buttons    Star Wars Pod Racer Joystick/Buttons    Stepmania    Street Fighter 4 TDB   Not released for the PC yetStreets of Rage Remake     Joystick/Buttons    Super Mario WarJoystick/Buttons Think Tank    Joystick/Buttons    Tiger Woods 08    Trackball/buttons    Titanion    Joystick/Buttons    Torus TrooperSpinner/Buttons    Tumiki Fighters    Joystick/Buttons    Typhoon 2001    Spinner/Buttons    Ultra AssaultJoystick/Buttons    Virtua Cop 1/2           Virtua Tennis 3   Joystick/Buttons    Wacky Wheels    Joystick/Buttons   Warning Forever    Joystick/Buttons    Winged GearJoystick/Buttons    Wolfenstein 3D    UNKNOWN    Xenon 2000    Joystick/Buttons    Zap!    Joystick/Buttons   

Complex Control Games That "Can" Be Played On Cabs:
TitleControls UsedURL            GTA Vice city 2 joys, 6 buttons each, plus coin and player start buttons   

Microsoft Arcade
Microsoft Pinball arcade
Microsoft Return of Arcade
Microsoft Return of Arcade Anniversary Edition (same as Return of Arcade but with Ms Pacman)
Microsoft Revenge of Arcade
and last but definitely not least....Microsoft Pinball Arcade

Anyone else care to add to this list?  Perhaps this is a good thing to add to the Wiki????

Hope this helps,
Chad D. Bryant

I have Bionic Commando Rearmed on my cab.   Pretty fun to play with 2 players.

I Wanna Be The Guy - Very hard game, but fun if you enjoy difficult platform type games.

Thanks, post updated...

Todd H:
Virtua Tennis 3 PC from Sega plays just fine using a joystick/buttons. The only caveat is that in career mode you need to press F1 to check your mail. If you have an Ipac, you can just reprogram one of your buttons to be F1 when the game loads.

Added, thanks...


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