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Know anything about pinball coils?

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I've been looking at Happ's pinball parts, as possible q*bert knockers and whatnot.  They sell the coils as well as "sleeves".  What does the sleeve do?  Is this the shaft that gets moved back and forth by the force of the coil, or just a sleeve that some other shaft slides in and out of?



 The Sleeve is just a thin plastic tube that protects the inside of the coil.   After a while.. they get dirty and worn... so need to be replaced.  The high power of the coil actully seems to draw dust and dirt to it very quickly.

 The shaft usually linked to part of an assembly... its just a metal pole.

I have a silly question......

I don't think I ever played Q-Bert in the arcades (the C-64 version was probably the first time I saw it)

Whats a Q-Bert knocker and what does it do?

A Q*Bert knocker is a pinball coil in the bottom of the Q*Bert cabinet, when he falls off the pyramid, the knocker knocks to make it seem like he fell down into the bottom of the cabinet (I think that is how it worked, it has been a while).

Any way to buy the shaft itself? I guess they have flipper rebuild kits and stuff, but seems like a waste...


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