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Well, I had to vote for Mamewah as it's the only FE I've used so far.  I have it installed on my 2004 and 2006 cab projects. 

I've never had any desire to change it up but I am planning on using MaLa for The Ark just to try something different.

When I saw this thread I thought "oh man, that's ALL we need - yet another 'favorite FE' thread, and on top of that it's stickied!". But your poll is actually an excellent idea!

(mala for me)

The first FE I used was Kymaera atleast three years ago now.
Then It was 3d arcade I loved it, it is cool, but now because of it's ease of use all the goodies it supports etc... I pick MALA

I've been wondering if XBMC should be added to the list.  If anyone is using it for this function, let me know please.


Space Fractal:
No multiple choice?

I think I should not vote because I have my own little FE, based on MultiJuke and is on the vote list.

From other authors I like both Mamewah and Mala and would vote on both of them if I could. Its these I have use/used.


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