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This is like what?? A 13 year old topic? I'm not sure if I ever responded, guess I'd have to go back through pages and see. Wow 13 years. So many new ones have popped up, so many good ones have died. 13 years ago?? What was I using then.. Arcade@Home maybe? All time classic fav is for sure ArcadeOS, I'm almost tempted to do an ArcadeOS build for shits and giggles and stick it into one of those stupid Arcade1Up cabs just to show how superior it is to that junk sold today and those wannabe Raspberry Pi conversions. But yeah, I think my favorite over the years, is probably Hyperspin, but then if I was going to choose one for someone to use themselves today, as of 5/7/2021, my choice for them would be Attract Mode using the Hyperspin display. So much easier to setup then the actual hyperspin, and it performs real well on older hardware (not much older). It's a good choice and offers easy customization. And, it's cross platform, so you can set it up almost identical in PC & Pi's 3&4. I'm still playing around with it for a recent (PC) cab I'm building, still need to add hyperspin game animations and what have you, transitioning over from an actual hyperspin setup right now, but here's what it's looking like so far:

LaunchBox is easily one of the best game-launching and interface tools ever released on PC.

Unlike similar programs, LaunchBox requires relatively little in the way of technical know-how, yet is extremely flexible and configurable.

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