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Im looking for MK4 artwork for the CPO I have looked around and have found nothing even if i can not get any good PSD or AI files if someone could get me some hires photos and the dimensions of the panel im sure i could make something that looks good.


Since I was unable to find the CPO I bought the metal panel off ebay and did a scan of it myself at 300 dpi to have it archived and I also emailed Scott to see how much it would cost to get the sides and front of the CP printed off i'm waiting on an email back I'm sure he is busy this time of year 

A small update on the post I added a small preview image of the scan actual file is a little over 43 MB

bump on aquiring mk4 cpo

Was wondering if you had any luck? i have an original cpo but am looking for a copy that i can change the button config. to 7.

Here is the CPO file I have, enjoy:

Ctozzi, can you share the CPO again?   Megaupload no longer exists.  I need to file for the layout so I can make a custom MK1 overlay with a MK4 button layout.  Thanks


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