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Paint Codes, Post them here for the wiki

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Nintendo Red:

For what it's worth, I'll add the info for the paint that Darthnuno had mixed up for my Nintendo cab.

The brand is Dulux (an ICI brand) mixed colours, EXTERIOR PAINT. There's also a small extra label saying "ED base / Satin"

Custom printed sticker on top says:

Nom (=Name): SHELL RED 3742
LAQUE EXTERIEURE (=Exterior paint) Satin 0.5L EXTRA DEEP

The Dulux brand is very uncommon in The Netherlands but there is supposed to be a store In The Hague that sells it. Darthnuno bought it at his local DIY store in Belgium, don't know which one though.

(Gotta love that name Shell Red in the Nintendo context ;))

The color looks 100% the same, but I STILL have to apply it :S

With flash:

And without flash, the color looks perfect !

I used Ace Hardware's Deep Fire F13

on the cab repair on my Neo-Geo.

You guys should post this on the restoration forum instead.

Mario Bros orange is Home Depot Behr Pumpkin Orange. It has a little bit more red in the color than the original paint color, but it's pretty damn close.

I'm currently building a Fix-it-Felix Jr bartop. And I did a lot of research on the DK (Nintendo) color code. The norwegian dealers don't know anything about the american color systems, so after some hours of intensive googling I found this to be the closest color:

This piece of plywood shows the difference between S1050-B10G (top half), and S1040-B10G (bottom half). .

And btw: this is how the cab looks like, it's still a work in progress (with some temporary artwork):
Ohh... and for those interested, here's the project files:

Useful info for my FIF build thanks!  That really looks good!


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