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Paint Codes, Post them here for the wiki

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I think it actually would be helpful to describe exactly how paint codes work or are read.  This may be elementary to some, but seeing something like
Colorant            OZ   48   96   192   384
B Lamp Blac        -      6      -       -       -
C Yellow Ox        -     16     -       -       -
E P Thalo B         5     8      -       -       -

is a little confusing at first. (ok, i'll admit, i'm a little confused myself ;) )

To be honest, i read the ms. pac paint codes on appolo and see "Pink - Glidden Passion Flower 30RR 26/335.", but have no idea what the 30RR 26/335 means either.

would you be willing to add the explanation to the top of the wiki page?

umm, i cant say i particularly understand the codes myself, i just started this thread as it seemed information worth rounding up for the wiki. i would just assume the guy in the paint shop would understand them.

if someone does have a better idea can they add it to the wiki please or post it here and me or cheffo will put it in there. :P

Good idea, but I think it needs a seperate USA/Europe table. RAL is very uniform, but it lacks good colours, and here Sikkens-numbering (ACC codes) is widely accepted.
About ACC in Dutch (de graphs are understandable by anyone I guess):

I had a quart of paint mixed at walmart today, took a piece of the inside of my cabinet near the control panel latch to be color matched.  It is perfect.  Please see the photos, the first photo shows the piece of the cabinet, if you look in the top left, you might see where i put a dab of paint.  The next photo shows the close up, with the paint in the center.  The last photo is the label on the paint can.  This is semi gloss, color place paint.  I just got finished with painting the cab, i have it right next to another DK cabinet and the color is exactly the same. 

scr33n the scratch build master over at brunos dragons lair fans forum has been building a burgertime, thought id include the info here

this may only be of use in italia  T262/0884 - C000 GLO SENAPE 7 SMALTO SINTETICO


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