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Paint Codes, Post them here for the wiki

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When you guys restore , i get the idea the paint you get mixed has codes/(recipes)
 i was thinking it may be worth having a wiki page of the codes for different restores for people to use.
i posted this here rather than in the wiki  as you guys hold the info.

what do you think

link to wiki

Great idea!

I will go first, Since all i had to do was copy and paste it from another thread.

I used these paint codes for my PAC-MAN.

I had them color matched from my machine.

This Paint was LOWES American Tradition/Interior Semi Gloss Latex


BASE:  B 4-40240

COLOR                    AMOUNT

103                            .5
104                          1.5
113                         20.5
114                         11Y25.5


BASE : B 4-44975

COLOR                    AMOUNT

109                          1.5
113                            6
114                         42.5
116                         1Y45


BASE : B 4-44975

COLOR                    AMOUNT

101                           2.5
102                         45.5
103                            17
113                         1Y29.5

do you have thread that i can link to , i can link to your post for the info ( i think ) but the original thread showing its use would be cool to include  :cheers:

Yes, Here it is.


This sort of info is very well suited to the Wiki.


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