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Is it just me or does controls.xml seem really outdated.  Does anyone have any knowledge of a new file or any attempts to update it?

I submitted spy hunter like a month ago and the submission still shows as pending. :hissy: There's a lot of out of date info in there that I'd like to start correcting, but obviously I'm not going to work on it if I have to wait forever just to see if it gets accepted.

what would it take to wiki-ize it?
It's a pretty big file, but maybe it could be broken into #, a-z into separate pages, and then have some sort of application that could merge it all together and present it as 1 file to someone wanting to download it?  that's out of my realm, but should be doable.  Then anyone could pop in and update it.  I've found that wiki's that are open to the public are very rarely sabotaged with incorrect data, and with the revision history, it's pretty easy to see what was changed and can be reverted if damaged.

for what it's worth, there is a log file of all the missing roms (as of mame 120 or so) available here:

Space Fractal:
The original page ( seen to been gone.

So this need to been moved to new server and take over the project. One of the original authors have also leaved this scene.

I also think clones should been seperated (there are a lots of clones listed), since most controls is the same anyway and hence not listed in the file.

here's the same list with the clones removed. (easy to filter out using DOS's find command)

I have web space for hosting the finished file, but I don't have any mysql or other database support available for making it a wiki or other interactive "upload your changes" type website. 

We really need a web geek.  Anyone?


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