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I've tried both of these methods, and in both cases MaLa doesn't want to take the .bat or .cmd file, as it's looking specifically for the mame.exe file. What do I do?

E: Nevermind, I had to set up the .bat properly and force it to take it by typing it in the line.

Okay, here's my mame.bat (in a zip file) that I made according to NOP's method -- it's awesome! I had to play around to make it work, but it works now and is totally worth it... one completely unrelated question, though, does anyone know why the Metal Slug games don't work in .112? I thought they were supported by then...

after having a look at my official mame.bat file, it appears my memory is as good as I hoped it was-it's virtually identical to what I posted and what you're using, except I have a longer list of games to branch off of, and I'm using 3 different copies of mame.

so, cool to hear that this worked for you too, and that there appears to be no need for me to post my official batch.

I expanded my list last night, so things are working better even than in that batch!

I also discovered that if you have a U360, you can have it program the stick for 4-way controls, 8-way controls, etc., from the batch file! I can post my .bat again with that update, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out, just cd to the right directory and then put the filename in the bat, and then run mame.


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