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Yeah that code is the error i am getting.

No I created the file exactly how it said to ie. not .bat.txt and for now I am using the one posted above. Once mala recognises it i will change it accordingly to my setup.

I honestly think I'm making a schoolboy error here as everyone else seems to have success with this one, so appreciate your help loadman.

Here is the screenshot.

Pedro felinni:
I I tried the nop's method , but could not.
here are my mame versions:


i want to run mpatrol on mame125 and the other games on mame170

 :notworthy: helpe me please.

You aren't supplying us with much information to help you with.

--- Code: ---if %1==mpatrol goto mame125

rem default MAME launch- this is the version of MAME inside your mala folder that runs all the games except games listed above this line.
mame170 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
goto end

rem change folders to where the alternative copy of MAME exists.
cd mame125
rem now run that specific game with this new version of MAME
mame125 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
rem now return back to the main MALA folder once the game is finished.
cd ..
goto end

--- End code ---

You don't need two entire copies of mala in separate folders.
Your mame170 folder is the main place you are running from, and that is the 1 copy of mala you will be using.
In a folder inside mame170, create a new folder called mame125 and place mame125.exe and all of the support files (roms, samples, ini, etc) inside that folder.

Hope that helped.  It probably didn't...

Pedro felinni:
 :D  thank you very much, i will try this.

Pedro felinni:
Thanks NOP, 
finally I got. Works fine.
Thank you very very much.  :notworthy:  :applaud:


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